The Story of the Watch Workshop

The watch workshop has been operating at this location since 1930s. In those years it was led by watchmaker Mate Barač. It was progressive during that time because electrical appliances were used in the work, and the tradition of continuous procurement and use of advanced technological devices has continued to this day.

Omega watch service started business in its present form in 1981 when the workshop was taken over by Ivan Puzak. He then wanted to use his education and experience gained by working at Sat company to offer the highest possible sevice. He invested his own resources in the gradual renovation and modernization of the workshop premises and procedures. At that time, dozens of watchmakers worked in Zagreb, most of which were located in the neighborhood, in the city center. Nevertheless, I. Puzak was conviced that with his knowledge and quality service he could survive in that fierce competition.

History has wanted the watch industry and everything related to it to go through an unprecedented crisis due to the invention of electronic, or popularly called quartz watches, price cuts, and the lack of need for servicing in its former form. At that time, i.e. in the early 1980s, most watch workshops failed; only those who followed the changes, invested in training, new tools and instruments survived, and thus were ready to welcome the renaissance of high-end mechanical and electronic watches.

Today, a team of master watchmakers (all of us are watchmakers with passed exams in the Republic of Croatia and with Swiss certificates) works in this watch workshop, i.e. service, that is one of the better known in the region. It is equipped with state-of-art computer, electronic and mechanical devices and tools that are constantly renewed and updated. Everything is meticulously controlled by our partners, Swiss companies, who have given us the confidence by awarding the status of authorized service for watches from their product range. By permanent education and following recommendations and news from the manufacturer's service instructions, we maintain reliability and quality of service.

The service is qualified for the most complex interventions on almost every watch – mechanical, electromechanical and electronic. With modern equipment, we consider the greatest advantage to be an uncompromising commitment to the quality of service provided, which can be witnessed by thousands of our satisfied customers. Efforts made in computerization and modernization, as well as strengthening our work team, lead to further improvement of our service.

In September 2011 the workshop was thoroughly refurbished to obtain the optimum functionality of the premises and was further equipped with IT, communication and other auxiliary equipment.

In addition to a large number of special tools, we are also equipped with water resistance control devices up to 125 bar (1250 m) and instruments and tools for diagnostics and servicing of Omega Co-Axial watch movements.

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