Watch service

In an authorized watch service we maintain Omega, Longines, Rado and Tag Heuer watches as well as other high quality Swiss brands for which we have necessary spare parts, tools and appliances.

For new calibres we are regularly trained in Swiss factory centres and have adequate certificates.

We perform service according to the official factory technical instructions using the prescribed tools, devices and accessories (spare parts, oils, lubricants).

In addition to servicing, we check watches for water resistance using several water resistance testers, which allows us to test up to 125 bars (1250 m).


Repairs are usually performed in case of the watch damage caused by a shock or fall, when some parts or the entire movement assemblies are broken. Moisture penetration into the watch case causes corrosion and total destruction of certain movement elements. Only original parts are used for repairs. The exceptions are high quality vintage watches for which spare parts are no longer available. In that case we make parts by the default measures and substitute broken or weakened main springs with the new ones.

Accuracy adjustment

Accuracy adjustment is made using the latest generation of chrono comparators. We can also adjust co-axial watches that require special tools, technical documentation and a tuning device customized to that frequency.

We demagnetize watches with the latest-generation of ‘teslascope’ instrument.

We control the power reserve of the main spring for at least 48 hours on the automatic watch winder.

Devices: Witschi Watch Expert 2, Greiner Compact 900

Watch cases refurbishment

Watch cases (and metal bracelets) refurbishment is a complex procedure as the case should be disassembled to the last part and each part is processed using patterns on our polishing, satinating, lapidating and turning machines.

All procedures are performed according to the factory instructions and with the recommended tools. On the watch cases on which it is intended, we brush the surface in order to obtain a sunray pattern (Sonnenschliff). After being brushed and polished all parts are thoroughly cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and rinsed with high pressure steam.

Waterproof testing

Waterproof testing is done using these devices: Proofmaster S - 10 bars, Neptun 500 Waterproof Checker and Lititz Diver - 125 bars.

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