Watchmakers working in Omega watch service are highly qualified (all have the master’s exam) and have passed specialization in Omega and Longines factories. In addition, when new calibres and new constructions are launched, they attend seminars in Swiss factories and receive diplomas, which makes them qualified to maintain and repair all, even the latest movements.

As authorized repairers, they regularly receive current information from factory information centres. This also applies to state-of-the-art tools which the workshop is continuously being equipped with. Supervision performed by experts from Swiss watch factories that Omega service successfully passes is another guarantee of professionalism and high criteria that this watch service meets.

The Zagreb Chamber of Trades and Crafts has granted the status of a traditional craft to the Omega watch service, which has been active in the same location since 1928.


We are proud of the certifications that Swiss companies recognize our knowledge. ALL of our watchmakers are Swiss certified.


Ivan Puzak

Ivan Puzak

In 1982 he founded his own business, which he took over from his predecessor. Ivan Puzak has got all qualifications in the watchmaking profession and all degrees of Omega certificates. For many years he has been active in the Watchmaking section of the Zagreb Craftsmen Association and during that period he held several prominent functions. He is the chairman of the examination commission for master watchmakers.

Ivana Puzak Perikić

Ivana Puzak Perikić

Ivana Puzak Perikić has been working in the watchmaking profession since 2002 and has passed the master's exam. She attended professional trainings at Omega and Longines factories and received relevant certificates. Since 2019 she is the owner of the Omega watchmaker's workshop.

Bruno Jelenčić

Branko Jelenčić

Watchmaker with the master's exam and certificate of the highest degree of Omega and Tissot factories. He has been a watchmaker since 1985 after studying the watchmaking profession at Ivan Puzak's workshop. Today he is one of the best watchmakers in Croatia.

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